Welcome to the i6 resource center

i6.cims.nyu.edu is a server dedicated to primarily CS minors who are learning about web development.  i6 provides a Linux environment for students to develop and host their websites.

Many students are new to Linux, and as such, utilizing i6 is not entirely intuitive.  You will inevitably find yourself up against common issues, and this manual hopes to put you on the right path so that you can resolve the issues yourself.

One undeniable truth of the 21st century is that almost all user-level, general computer issues can be solved through Google.  This is true of the common issues you will encounter with i6.  This manual exists so that hopefully you won't need to venture out to look for answers, but if you encounter something not covered here, we encourage you to try to solve your own problems by utilizing the endless number of online forums and communities that exist to solve the problems you encounter.

If you are unable to solve a problem yourself via this manual or Google and believe you have hit an actual technical problem with the i6 server or service, please contact your instructor or TA, and/or go to office hours.  If your instructor or TA is unable to resolve the issue, your instructor or TA can then contact us on your behalf and explain the issue you're facing.


What i6 is, what an i6 account is, and what you can do with your account

Learn the ways to connect to i6

Learn some Linux basics to interact with i6.  A quick overview to do common tasks like rename files.

Account policy
Learn about the lifecycle of your i6 account

Password reset
Forgot your password?  See the instructions in this link to reset your own password.

There are common issues which almost every i6 student faces.  This FAQ aims to address these common issues.


Still stuck?  What to do next:

Your first line of defense is your instructors.  Please do NOT contact the CIMS helpdesk for help regarding i6.  The proper flow of addressing i6 issues is to e-mail your instructor or visit his/her office hours.  In the event that an instructor determines that an issue is a legitimate technical failure regarding the i6 server or an i6 account, the instructor can then contact us on your behalf to sort out the issue you are encountering.