Your i6 account is only enabled for access and usage when you are enrolled in a course requiring i6 access.  At the end of every semester, all i6 accounts are disabled system-wide.  When the next semester begins, if you are once again enrolled in an i6 course, your account will be reactivated.  This reactivation is silent --- you will not receive notification.

The deactivation and reactivation process changes passwords as one line of defense against unauthorized access.  In the event that your account has been reactivated for a new semester, please visit to try to retrieve your latest password by logging into that page with your NYUHome credentials.  In the event that that fails, please attempt a password reset.

Students are responsible for making copies of their work once a semester is completed.  Please do not e-mail us years later and ask for the files you used in your i6 course.  You are responsible for taking these files with you once the semester ends.