Scanners and Copiers

In most public printer rooms in Warren Weaver Hall you will find a multi-function copier with copying, scanning, and printing capabilities. The multi-function copiers are named "mf" followed by the number of the floor in the building they are on. Specifically you will find them in these locations.These printers are not general NYU resources. Use of the multi-function copiers is restricted to members of the Courant community and access is based on having a Courant account. In order to use them, you will need to log in to the copier using your CIMS credentials. If you need guidance on utilizing the different functions of the machine please send mail to

Aside from using the multi-function copiers as scanners, you may use the ScanSnap scanners in rooms 1026 and 1312 of WWH. Please follow the instructions on the sheet of paper next to the scanners.