Courant accounts are available to all faculty, researchers, administrative staff, and graduate students affiliated with CIMS, the Math and CS departments. CIMS accounts can also be given to collaborators, visitors, and students who are otherwise ineligible (eg, from other departments) but are enrolled in Math or CS graduate classes, or working with a member of Courant's faculty. CIMS accounts may also be given to undergraduate students registered for certain classes.

A CIMS account is independent of the standard NYU-Home account adminsitered by NYU-ITS, which are used to access NYU-wide resources, such as the NYU wireless network. Your CIMS account uses an separate authentication system and thus a different password and often a different login name to give you access to the various computing resources at Courant.  All accounts are subject to the general guidelines outlined by ITS.  As of the summer of 2018, usernames for all new accounts will be the same as that used for your NYU-Home account  (netid) and all email for new accounts will be auotmatically be  forwarded from to


Courant accounts are given to people affiliated with the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences to faciliate the work they are doing relative to their roles at the Institute. A CIMS account is intended to be used solely by the person to whom it is assigned, and is not to be shared with other people within Courant or anybody unaffiliated with CIMS. Users of CIMS accounts are expected to abide by the NYU-Net general computer and network usage policies and security guidelines as outlined in the ITS policy pages, particularly those regarding storage and sharing of copyrighted material. Furthermore, your CIMS account should not be used as a repository for personal files, such as pictures, music, and videos, nor should it be used to backup non-research related files from personal computers and laptops. Failure to abide by these policies may result in suspension of termination of your account.