Classroom Facilities at Courant

Several CIMS classrooms are equipped with A/V equipment that can be used for instruction, conferences and meetings. The large classrooms on the first and thirteenth floors of Warren Weaver Hall have in-room computer and audio systems, while smaller classrooms and conference rooms have ceiling mounted projectors, to which a laptop can be connected. Portable projectors can also be borrowed for use in rooms that do not have projectors installed. For more information on borrowing a projector, please send mail to

For classroom emergencies, please call the classroom emergency number that is posted in each of our classrooms.

Using the Classroom Equipment

CIMS Classroom Calendar

Classroom Facilities Outside of Courant

Problem reports and general questions about classroom technology  outside Courant's facilities can be directed to Campus Media's main office, at extension 212-998-2655, or to the campus media website.