If you have forgotten your i6 password and would like to reset it, please visit https://cims.nyu.edu/webapps/password/reset and log in with your NYUHome credentials.  A password reset request will be submitted and processed within the next 15 minutes, at which point you should receive e-mail at your NetID@nyu.edu address informing you about how to obtain your new password.

Please note that although your NetID and i6 username are identical, these are entirely two separate entities.  The credentials you use to access NYUHome, etc. have no relation whatsoever to your i6 credentials.

In the event of a password reset failure notification, this is one scenario in which you may contact helpdesk@cims.nyu.edu and we can reset your password for you (as well as find out why the failure occurred so it doesn't occur in the future).  When e-mailing helpdesk@cims.nyu.edu for this purpose, please include the password reset failure e-mail content.