The Institute's faculty have received many diverse awards for their scientific research and service to the community at large. Prizes from professional societies, foundations, and government organizations provide one form of recognition. Election to elite scientific societies serves as another type of recognition. A partial list of our scientific awards can be found in the Scientific Recognition table below.

Several members of the faculty have also been active in the governance of scientific organizations or have served on committees that guide national science policy. As an illustration, Peter D. Lax has served terms as President of the American Mathematical Society, and Margaret Wright was President of SIAM. In 2000, she won the SIAM Distinguished Service Award, and in 2002 the AMS Public Service Award.

Our faculty is dedicated to teaching as well as to research. A partial list of awards in recognition of excellence in the classroom can be found in the Academic Distinction table below.

Scientific Distinction
Abel Prize: Mikhael Gromov, Peter Lax, S. R. Srinivasa Varadhan
Academia Europaea: Chee Yap (2019), Julia Kempe (2018)
Academia Sinica, Beijing: Peter Lax (1993)
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science, Technical Achievement Award: Ken Perlin
ACM A.M. Turing Award: Yann LeCun
American Academy of Arts and Sciences Members: Gérard Ben Arous (2015), Marsha Berger (2011), Russ Caflisch (2012), Sylvain Cappell (2018), Jeff Cheeger (2006), Percy Deift (2003), Leslie Greengard (2016), Bob Kohn (2017), Peter Lax (1966), Fang-Hua Lin (2004), Andrew J. Majda (2010), David McLaughlin (2000), Henry McKean (1964), Charles Newman (2006), Charles Peskin (1994), Sylvia Serfaty (2019), Jalal Shatah (2010), Michael Shelley (2019), K. R. Sreenivasan (1997), Jean Taylor (1999), S. R. Srinivasa Varadhan (1988), Margaret Wright (2001), Lai-Sang Young (2004), Ofer Zeitouni (2019)
American Mathematical Society Fellows: Russ Caflisch (2013), Sylvain E. Cappell (2013), Jeff Cheeger (2013), Martin D. Davis (2013), Percy Deift (2013), Harold M. Edwards (2013), Robert V. Kohn (2013), Peter D. Lax (2013), Fanghua Lin (2015), Erwin Lutwak (2013), Andrew J. Majda (2013), Henry P. McKean, Jr. (2013), David Mclaughlin (2013), Charles M. Newman (2013), Charles S. Peskin (2013), Joel Spencer (2013), Jean E. Taylor (2013), Yuri Tschinkel (2013), Srinivasa S.R. Varadhan (2013), Olof Widlund (2019), Margaret H. Wright (2013), Deane Yang (2013), Gaoyong Zhang (2013)
American Physical Society Fellows: W. Stephen Childress, Michael Shelley, K. R. Sreenivasan, Daniel Stein, Jun Zhang
American Physical Society George E. Valley, Jr. Prize: Leif Ristroph
Association for the Advancement of Science: Bud Mishra, Daniel Stein, Yuri Tschinkel
Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) Fellows: Ralph Grishman (2017)
Association for Computing Machinery Fellows: Richard Cole, Allan Gottlieb, Bud Mishra, Dennis Shasha
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics Achievement Award: Denis Zorin (2019)
Balzan Prize in Mathematics: Mikhael Gromov
George David Birkhoff Prize in Applied Mathematics (AMS and SIAM): Cathleen Morawetz, Charles Peskin, S.R. Srinivasa Varadhan
Bocher Prize (AMS): Fang-Hua Lin
Chauvenet Prize (AMS): Peter Lax
CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars: Kyunghyun Cho (2017)
European Academy of Sciences: Fedor Bogomolov Sylvia Serfaty (2020)
Fermat Prize: Nader Masmoudi (2017)
Finnish Academy of Sciences and Letter: Jeff Cheeger
Lester R. Ford Award (MAA): Martin Davis, David McLaughlin, Cathleen Morawetz, Chee Yap
Francois Frenkiel Award (APS): Michael Shelley
French Academy of Sciences: Mikhael Gromov, Peter Lax (Foreign Associate)
German National Academy of Sciences, Leopoldina Member: Yuri Tschinkel
Germund Dahlquist Prize (SIAM): Eric Vanden-Eijnden
Gödel Prize: Oded Regev (2018)
Guggenheim Fellowships: Simeon M. Berman, Sylvain Cappell, Jeff Cheeger, Steve Childress, Richard J. Cole, Percy A. Deift, Charles Newman, K. R. Sreenivasan, Lai-Sang Young
Honorary Degree, University of Chicago: Jeff Cheeger (2020)
Hungarian Academy of Sciences: Peter Lax, Lai-Sang Young
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Fellows: Zvi Kedem (2007), Bhubaneswar Mishra (2009), Theodore Rappaport (1998)
Ralph E. Kleinman Award (SIAM): Robert Kohn
Sonia Kovalevsky Lecture (AWM-SIAM): Lai-Sang Young
Julian Cole Lectureship (SIAM): Michael Shelley
Kyoto Prize in Basic Science: Mikhael Gromov
Lagrange Prize (ICIAM): Andrew J. Majda (2015)
MacArthur Foundation Fellowship: Subhash Khot (2016), Charles Peskin (1983)
Mayor's Award for Excellence in Science and Technology: Ken Perlin, Charles Peskin
National Academy of Engineering Members: Marsha Berger (2005), Leslie Greengard (2006), Yann LeCun (2017), K. R. Sreenivasan (1999), Margaret Wright (1997)
National Academy of Inventors (NAI) Fellows: Bhubaneswar Mishra (2017), Kenneth Perlin (2016)
National Academy of Medicine Members: Charles Peskin
National Academy of Sciences Award in Applied Mathematics and Numerical Analysis: Kurt Otto Friedrichs (1972), Paul R. Garabedian (1998), Peter D. Lax (1983), Andrew J. Majda (1992)
National Academy of Sciences Members: Ben Arous (2020), Marsha Berger (2000), Russ Caflisch (2019), Jeff Cheeger (1997), Percy Deift (2009), Leslie Greengard (2006), Mikhael Gromov (1989), Peter Lax (1970), Andrew Majda (1994), Henry McKean (1980), David McLaughlin (2002), Charles Newman (2004), Charles Peskin (1995), K. R. Sreenivasan (2007), S.R. Srinivasa Varadhan (1995), Margaret Wright (2005), Lai-Sang Young (2020)
NASA Software of the Year: Marsha Berger
National Medal of Science: Peter Lax, Cathleen Morawetz, S. R. Srinivasa Varadhan
Nevanlinna Prize: Subhash Khot
Packard Foundation Fellowships: Leslie Greengard
Max Planck Research Prize: Jeff Cheeger
Poincaré Chair laureates (IHP/CMI): Paul Bourgade (2018/2019)
Henri Poincaré Prize (IAMP): Percy Deift (2018)
George Polya Prize (AMS/SIAM): Percy Deift
NSF PYI, NYI, PFF, CAREER, and PECASE Awards: Marsha Berger, Joan Bruna, Antoine Cerfon, Yevgeniy Dodis, Aleksandar Donev, Rob Fergus, Davi Geiger, Jonathan Goodman, Leslie Greengard, David Holland, Miranda Holmes-Cerfon, Subhash Khot, Jinyang Li, Fang-Hua Lin, Daniel Neill (2010), Daniele Panozzo (2017), Olivier Pauluis, Kenneth Perlin, Theodore Rappaport (1992), Leif Ristroph (2019), Tamar Schlick, Sylvia Serfaty, Jalal Shatah, Michael Shelley, Lakshmi Subramanian, Eric Vanden-Eijnden, Michael Walfish (2011), Thomas Wies, Denis Zorin
Royal Society Fellows: Subhash Khot (2017)
Ruth Lyttle Satter Prize in Mathematics: Lai-Sang Young
Simons Investigators: Subhash Khot (2015), Sylvia Serfaty (2018)
Sloan Research Fellowships: Russ Caflisch, Sylvain Cappell, Jeff Cheeger, Yu Chen, Rob Fergus, Jonathan Goodman, Sinan Gunturk, Robert Kohn, Jinyang Li, Fang-Hua Lin, Andrew J. Majda, Nader Masmoudi, Charles Newman, Tamar Schlick, Sylvia Serfaty, Jalal Shatah, Daniel Stein, Esteban Tabak, Eric Vanden-Eijnden, Lai-Sang Young, Denis Zorin
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) Fellows: Marsha Berger (2009), Russ Caflisch (2009), Leslie Greengard (2009), Bob Kohn (2009), Peter Lax (2009), Andrew J. Majda (2009), David McLaughlin (2009), Michael Overton (2009), Charlie Peskin (2009), John Rinzel (2013), Michael Shelley (2009), Joel Spencer (2017), S.R. Srinivasa Varadhan (2009), Olof Widlund (2010), Margaret Wright (2009)
Soviet Academy of Sciences: Peter Lax
Leroy P. Steele Prize (AMS): Jeff Cheeger, Martin Davis, Leslie Greengard, Mikhael Gromov, Robert Kohn, Peter Lax, Andrew Majda, Cathleen Morawetz, Joel Spencer
Oswald Veblen Prize (AMS): Jeff Cheeger, Mikhael Gromov
John von Neumann Lecture (SIAM): Andrew J. Majda (1990), Margaret Wright (2019)
John von Neumann Medal (IEEE): Patrick Cousot (2018)
Alan T. Waterman Award: Subhash Khot
Norbert Wiener Prize in Applied Mathematics (AMS/SIAM): Peter Lax (1975), Andrew Majda (2013), Marsha Berger (2019)
Wolf Prize: Mikhael Gromov (1993), Peter Lax (1987)
Academic Distinction
NYU Alumni Association Great Teacher Award: Charles S. Peskin (1999)
NYU Golden Dozen Award: Deena Engel (2006), Frederick P. Greenleaf, Selin Kalaycioglu (2014), Joel Spencer (2007), Esteban Tabak
NYU Outstanding Teaching Award: Deena Engel, Nathan Hull, Craig Kapp (2013)
Silver Professorships: Marsha Berger, Fedor Bogomolov, Sylvain Cappell, Jeff Cheeger, Richard Cole, Patrick Cousot, Percy Deift, Leslie Greengard, Subhash Khot, Robert Kohn, Yann LeCun, Fang-Hua Lin, Henry McKean, David McLaughlin, Charles Newman, Michael Overton, Charles Peskin, Sylvia Serfaty, Dennis Shasha, Jalal Shatah, Joel Spencer, Olof Widlund, Margaret Wright, Lai-Sang Young, Denis Zorin
Margaret and Herman Sokol Faculty Award in the Sciences: Marsha Berger, Leslie Greengard, Andrew Majda, Ken Perlin, Charles Peskin, S. R. Srinivasa Varadhan