Faculty Profile

Photograph of Charles M. Newman

Charles M. Newman

Silver Professor of Mathematics
Warren Weaver Hall, Office 817


Ph.D., Physics, Princeton University, USA, 1971.
M.A., Physics, Princeton University, USA, 1968.
B.S., Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, 1966.
B.S., Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, 1966.

Research Interests

I work in Probability theory applied to models usually originating in Statistical Physics such as Ising models, spin glasses and percolation. I'm also interested in connections between the Riemann Hypothesis and Statistical Mechanics.

Selected Publications

D.L. Stein and C.M. Newman, Spin Glasses and Complexity (Princeton Univ. Press, 2013)
F. Camia, C. Garban, and C.M. Newman, "Planar Ising magnetization field II. Properties of the critical and near-critical scaling limits", Annales de l’Institut Henri Poincaré (forthcoming)
C.M. Newman, K. Ravishankar, and E. Schertzer, "Brownian net with killing", arXiv:1309.5651