Announcements of an urgent nature, such as disruptions of network connectivity and scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of servers, are posted here.

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The crunchy4 server is down

2017/07/05   16:00

The crunchy4 server is currently down. Systems Group is determining whether it will be possible to get it back online, but presently there is no predicted return-to-service time.

Please email if you had data stored on the /scratch directory of the server, and we'll attempt to recover it.

Linux reboots and updates

Linux compute nodes and desktop machines running CentOS 7 will be rebooted on Thursday, July 6th for software and security updates. This update does not include RHEL 6 systems. Updates will be applied to machines between 7:00 pm and midnight. In an effort to try to minimize any corrupted files or lost data, please save all your work and log out of any CentOS 7 systems before this time. 

If you are uncertain what OS is running on machine, you can type "cat /etc/redhat-release" at the command line to find out.

Windows Outage

June 26, 2017  11:45 a.m.

Windows network profile services have been restored.

June 26, 2017     9:08 a.m.

Windows users are currently unable to load their network profiles.