If you created a database on courses1 based on the instructions here, you may want to migrate your database to the new hosted system.  This document explains the process.

  1. Make sure any database-driven software you have running (Blogs, Wikis, Content Managers, etc) are not being updated.
  2. Backup your existing database.  Run:
    /usr/local/pkg/mysql/bin/mysqldump --proto=tcp \
    --host=courses1.cs.nyu.edu --port=25000 \
    -u root -p --all-databases \
    your_database_name > ~/my_backup_file.sql
    Remember to change the port to the one you are running your database server on. Mysql will prompt your for your root database password. Successfully running this command will create a file in your home directory called my_backup_file.sql.
  3. Create a database with the same name on the new system via the Database Manager.  Bear in mind that the Database Manager will prefix the database name with your CIMS account name.  So if your database name is wiki, and your CIMS account name is smith, your new database will be called smith_wiki.
  4. Import the file into your new database:
    /usr/local/pkg/mysql/bin/mysql -p \
    -hwarehouse your_new_database_name \
    < ~/my_backup_file.sql
    You will be prompted for your database password.
  5. Update any database-driven software to refer to the new database.  The hostname is warehouse, the username is your CIMS username, and the password is set via the Database Manager.