The Windows Virtual Lab provides a way for Linux desktop users to access software that requires Windows specific functionality.  These machines are for short term usage only, and after 2 hours of inactivity you will be disconnected, so save your work accordingly.


To use to a Windows VM, simply run the following from the command line interface:


For further information see Windows computing platoform at CIMS.


Remember: when you log out of the Windows VM, it will not log you out of your Linux desktop.  To completely log out of your desktop after connecting to a VM, you will need to first log out of the VM and then log out of your Linux desktop.


You can enable/disable full screen mode by pushing:

Ctrl + Alt + Enter

Resolution and resizing is not supported.

USB redirection is not supported, so hardware (including USB memory sticks) connected to your desktop will not show up on the windows virtual machine.


Send any problems, concerns, comments, suggestions via email to: