Insync is a Google drive client for Windows, Mac and Linux.


This client can easily sync data between a CIM machine and the cloud.

We recommend users purchase a personal lincense (below). This is not a cost covered by NYU or CIMS.


Current cost is $29.99 or $49.99 if you want to include any team drives.

The license is for one google account (one email).The license can be used on unlimited computers.

We suggest users connect it to an NYU google account, as they have unlimited storage.

Current Pricing

Installation and start up

Insync is installed on all CIM boxes. Simply launch the application and follow the instructions for linking to your google account.

If using a non-cims machine, downloads can be found on Insync's Download page.

Headless Control

Insync can be run entirely on CLI which is helpful for headless server (or just doing everything through SSH)