When you join GSTEM you are joining an amazing network of motivated students, including many young women in STEM – talented, smart, determined, outgoing, confident, and focused.  And if you don’t think those words currently apply to you, we hope you’ll feel differently once you’ve spent your summer with us.  GSTEM’s mission was founded on two concerns that women in STEM have brought up time and again – the lack of mentors and the lack of a peer network.  Without these means of support, girls and young women in particular often drop STEM studies during college and/or do not pursue graduate degrees and STEM careers.  GSTEM strives to fix this as we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue the sciences in a supportive network.  Our model tackles each of these concerns head on.  With our unique mentoring program, students are paired with a professor or scientist to work on a STEM research project throughout the summer.  And through field trips, small group tutoring sessions, and other fun activities our students meet a large network of like-minded and talented individuals.  Every summer we see relationships forged that last well beyond the program.

Our FAQs answer many detailed questions about the program.  Our How to Apply page addresses application and deadlines questions.  In addition, here is a snapshot of the summer:

2019 Program Calendar

Monday, July 1 – Friday, July 5: Orientation 

Students will spend their first week together attending lectures, workshops, and social activities to help prepare for the program.  All of the first week’s activities will take place at NYU’s Courant Institute located at 251 Mercer Street.

Monday, July 8 – Wednesday, August 7: Research Weeks

Students will work with their mentors full-time Mondays through Thursdays and report to NYU on Fridays for field trips and workshops.  We are lucky to have mentors that span across many STEM fields.  Our mentors also span across NYC in different colleges and universities outside of NYU.

Thursday August 8 – Friday, August 9: Final Symposium

Students report to NYU for feedback on their research papers and oral presentations.  The celebratory ending of the program is the Friday Symposium where students present their research to family, friends, their fellow students, and the NYU community.

Academic Support

The GSTEM program is writing-intensive and students receive formal training on the scientific method and writing process.  We also help students with their communication and presentation skills.  Graduate student tutors are hired every summer to help the students with their academic and research needs.  Tutors are each assigned a small group of students and help this core group throughout the summer.  They are available for support of any kind and are required to check in with each of their core group members during the week.   Our tutors are smart, fun, dedicated, and amazing!


Student grades are determined by their final research paper and presentation, attendance, and overall enthusiasm during the program.  Upon completion, students receive an NYU transcript with their letter grade for the course.

Program Activities

During our Friday field trips students visit various STEM organizations throughout the city and also hear from panels of women scientists. Our students have always enjoyed the opportunity to hear a personal journey from each woman as well as the opportunity for an intimate Q&A.  We feel it is imperative that students be exposed to the women in STEM that have been trailblazers.  These women are not only role models, but real people, who have both struggled and succeeded in their STEM careers.  We love their stories of persistence!