The NYU GSTEM is a research internship program which will take place July 2 –  August 10, 2018.  Students are required to participate actively in the program for all six weeks.  Student will spend four days each week at an internship related to their assigned subject of study.   The internship will be supplemented by classroom lectures and tutoring sessions at NYU, as well as program activities and field trips around New York City.

2018 Program Calendar

Attendance and participation in the program is required as a part of your final evaluation.  All students must be able to participate in all six weeks of the program.  Absences will be noted and may negatively impact your final grade.

Monday, July 2 – Friday, July 6: Orientation 

Students will spend their first week together attending lectures, workshops, and information sessions to help prepare for the program.  All of the first week’s activities will take place at NYU’s Courant Institute located at 251 Mercer Street.

Monday, July 9 – Wednesday, August 8: Internship Weeks

Students will work with their mentors Mondays through Thursdays and report to NYU on Fridays for field trips and workshops.  We are lucky to have mentors that span across NYC in different colleges and universities.

Thursday August 9 – Friday, August 10: Final Symposium

Students report to NYU for feedback on their research papers and oral presentations.  The celebratory ending of the program is the Friday Symposium where students present their research to family, friends, their fellow students, and the NYU community.



Each student will be placed in a research laboratory to complete a project in an assigned subject of study under the supervision of a mentor, often under the guidance of a graduate student or research assistant.  Students and mentors are matched using our customized bipartite matching algorithm, a program which matches students and mentors optimally by matching student preferences, skills, and experience, with the skills and experience required for successful work in each lab.

In previous years, we have been able to match EVERY student with one of their top 6 project choices. While we cannot guarantee a specific project to a student, we can guarantee students will receive an optimal assignment.  Students will submit a project preference questionnaire in June and will be notified of their mentor assignment before the start of the program.

Students will report to their internship on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday each week. While each research site will be different, every internship will be exciting and productive. Students are responsible for commuting to and from their internship on their own. Program tutors will be in contact with students each week to support their internship experience and research progress.


Academic Support

During orientation week, students will report to NYU each day and should expect a full day of activities.  Students will also meet their assigned tutor and tutor group.  Throughout the program tutors will guide them through their lectures, internship and research experience, and help them with their final paper and presentation. Tutors will also help students learn about NYU resources available to them to assist in their work.

The GSTEM program is writing-intensive, and students will receive formal training on the scientific writing and peer review processes.  Each week, students will write and edit a different section of their research manuscript using proven peer-review techniques.  Students submit this final manuscript during the last week of the program. Each intern produces and presents a 10 – minute presentation to her peers, mentors, and family about her work.


Program Activities

In addition to classroom and internship experiences, students will explore STEM fields through program activities in the city.  These activities provide opportunities to see how STEM fields articulate with other aspects of our culture, and give students the chance to get to form bonds while exploring the city.



The program ends with a full-day symposium at NYU.  Students present their research results in plenary and subject-specific sessions.  Mentors, tutors, NYU faculty and administrators, and family members will be invited to attend.