Will I be earning college credit in the NYU GSTEM program?

No.  NYU GSTEM is a noncredit program.

Will I be graded on my work?

Yes.  All NYU GSTEM students are graded. At the end of the program, grades will be posted in the students’ Student Services Center via NYUHome.  Once students receive grades, they may request a copy of their NYU transcript listing their enrollment in the program and their final grade.

Can I live on campus?

No.  NYU GSTEM is a commuter student-only program, and there is no campus housing available to students in the program.

Will NYU arrange for my travel to campus or to my internship?

No. Students are responsible for their own travel to and from home to campus or their internship locations.  NYU GSTEM will only cover travel costs involved with program-sponsored excursions.

Can I select my internship?

No.  You will be asked to complete a survey in which you rank your interest in certain research subjects. In turn, mentors are asked to report their need and preference for certain academic and skills training. We then use a matching algorithm that optimizes student-mentor pairs.  If you are interested in the algorithm we use, you may learn more about it here. Students will be notified of their internship placement in June. If you choose not to complete the survey with your preferences, we will rate all projects as your first choice.  It is therefore in your best interest to return the survey on time (before June 13).

Will I be able to use the NYU library?

Yes. In fact, NYU GSTEM students are enrolled NYU students while in the program and have full student status during the summer.  Therefore, they may use the NYU Libraries, including the Courant Institute library, computer labs, and other resources and services on campus.  Click here to learn more about these resources.

I’ve been admitted to the program.  What next?

Information for admitted students is available here and lists all you need to know and do before you arrive on campus the first day of the program.

When will I know what my project is?

The process of matching mentors to participants is ongoing and in flux until the very late stages.  We are usually able to notify participants of their mentors by mid-June.

When is payment due?

Payment will be due upon acceptance and enrollment into the program. Admitted students will receive a bill by email to their personal email address.  For students admitted after May, payment will be due within six business days of acceptance.

Is admission to the program competitive?

We cannot estimate the likelihood of acceptance before we make a formal decision.  We encourage all talented students to apply

I am not yet a junior.  Can I still apply?

The program is partially funded by a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, and the terms of that grant are to serve 11th graders (rising 12th graders).  For that reason, we have to give preference to them in admission.  We will consider outstanding sophomores if there is space available, but it’s very unlikely we will be able to consider freshmen.