If you can help us build and empower the next generation of women scientists, please contact us at gstem@cims.nyu.edu indicating how you can participate.

We invite all STEM researchers in the New York City area to mentor an NYU GSTEM participant in your laboratory or workspace. For mathematics, computer science, and some other projects, you may read the phrase “laboratory” broadly: we need mentors for individual research-type projects.

As a mentor, you would prepare a small project that fits within the work of your laboratory, which your intern can use as the subject of a research paper and presentation. The project can be planned before the intern arrives, or may be negotiated between you and your intern in the first few days of the program. Your intern will work on the project for four-and-a-half weeks.  For 2018 the dates are July  9 – August 8.  At the conclusion of this internship participants write a journal-article style manuscript and give oral presentations of their work to their peers and mentors at the NYU GSTEM symposium.

The mentorship experience is intended to take students through an abbreviated process of scientific research. Students who have completed an internship typically emerge with a renewed dedication to the pursuit of a scientific career, along with a deeper appreciation for research.

NYU GSTEM staff will provide support for the participants.  We will have tutors who can help fill in background information that the intern may lack.  We have staff who support the students in writing their papers and giving their presentations.  We also have staff who encourage the students emotionally and help them understand the world of university research that they are participants in.  We invite you and your laboratory staff to join us in all these endeavors.

Participating girls will live at home and commute to internship sites. To build a community, girls will attend STEM activities on NYU campus each Friday instead of reporting to your lab. These Friday activities are mandatory, as students interact with STEM professionals, attend workshops on college and career guidance, receive tutoring in scientific writing and technical skills required to succeed in your lab, and go on field excursions in the New York City area.  The goal is to form a “community of scholars” that will support each other in the college years.  Our aim is to encourage and support these talented young women as they enter STEM careers.

If you have questions, please email us at gstem@courant.nyu.edu.