Summer Math Program for Young Scholars

Program overview

CMT's Summer Math Program for Young Scholars Program is an intensive 3-week long summer program for mathematically talented high school students. It provides a mathematically rich environment to high school students interested in mathematics, and is designed to encourage them to consider careers in the mathematical sciences. In this program, selected high school students in grades 9­ through 11 are introduced to undergraduate level math topics while building problem solving skills. In past years, topics included, but are not limited to number theory, group theory, graph theory, combinatorics, as well as logic and methods of mathematical proof. Most of the lectures will be led by Courant faculty and graduate students. Each lecture will be followed by a problem session where students will work collaboratively in groups. One session every week is set aside for mathematical games and puzzles. There is also a talk at the end of each day, covering topics about how math is used in different fields of science as well as college admissions and college life. Academically strong applicants coming from underserved communities are especially encouraged to apply. It is a non credit college program and does not provide housing.

Program dates

August 12 - August 30, 2019


Current high school students in grades 9, 10 and 11 who are interested in learning advanced mathematical ideas are invited to apply.

International students are not eligible for this program. NYU offers other Programs for High School students that do admit international students. Please visit their website for other options.

How to apply

Applications for Summer 2019 have closed. Please consider applying next year.


Algebra I is the only prerequisite course. Students should have a strong working knowledge of Algebra I and should have passed the course with a B- or higher.

Tuition and Fees

The cost of the program is $1250; which includes tuition, materials, and lunches from Monday to Thursday each week.

Financial Aid

Scholarship support may be available to qualified applicants. Our program staff will email everyone a letter containing information about applying for a scholarship upon submission of their application.

More Information

Additional information is available in our FAQ.

If you have any other questions about the program, please email

After Admittance

Summer Math is a program that introduces students not only to the varied fields of mathematics but also the experience of being a college student. Your college studentship begins with your admission, and all Summer Math students are expected to follow the below steps to be prepared for their time as an undergraduate math student on campus.

Step One : Read All Information and Communications

As college students for the summer, the most important thing all Summer Math students must do is read all information about the program, including this website and emails they receive prior to and during the program. This information will help you prepare for the program, meet deadlines, and complete all requirements. Students will be held accountable for any preparations they do not complete, and the more you know about your upcoming experience as a college student, the more you will get out of your time on campus and the more successful you will be. If you have questions about any information you receive, do not hesitate to contact the program at

Step Two : Activate your NYU NetID and Password

As admitted NYU students, Summer Math students must activate the netID they receive upon admission. Your netID is your electronic identification that will grant you access to online University systems and information, such as the student ID system, computer labs, and wireless network on campus. To activate your netID, visit and follow the instructions. You will also set your own netID password.

Step Three : Mark Your Calendar

The Summer Math program will take place on August 12-30, 2019. All students must be available to attend class and be on time for class on these dates. In college, attendance and active participation are a part of your final grade. If you miss class, your final grade may be impacted. Therefore, all students must be available to attend class for the full duration of the program.

All Students are required to take a placement exam after being admitted. The results of your placement exam will only be used to understand your math level. There is no "passing" or "failing" on a placement exam.

The placement exam will be held in 60 5th avenue, room 110 at 9:30am.

Two options:

  • Saturday, July 13, 2019, or
  • Sunday, July 14, 2019
Step Four : Submit Required Program Forms

In order to participate in our program, all students must submit required program forms no later than two weeks before first day of classes.

Please see NYU's Summer High School Program Forms page for more information.

Step Five : Get Your NYU ID

All students at NYU must have a NYU student ID, the NYUCard. Summer Math students must have their NYUCard on the first day of class. The card not only acts as your student ID, it grants you access to NYU buildings and services, and you can use it for student discounts around the city.

After you are admitted to the program, you can get your NYUCard in person at the NYU Card Center or by submitting your ID photo in advance online. To submit your photo online, visit the NYU Card Center website and log-in to the photo ID system with your NYU netID and password. After you submit your photo, the NYU Card Center will review your picture and email you if it is approved. Once your photo is accepted, you can retrieve it from the NYU Card Center in person.

To pick up your NYUCard if your online photo was accepted, or to get your NYUCard in person, visit the NYU Card Center at 7 Washington Place. The Card Center is open Monday-Friday from 8:00 am-5:00 p.m. Bring a valid photo ID to get your card. If you do not submit a photo online in advance, you can have your picture taken at the Card Center.

Students are asked to turn in their NYU ID Card at the end of their term of study (it will be deactivated at that time).

Step Six : Attend Orientation

The Summer Math Program orientation will take place on Wednesday, August 7th, 2019 at 10:00 am. Please report to room 110 at 60 5th avenue (between 12th and 13th Street). All students must attend to be fully prepared at the start of the program.