How do I access my CIMS account at Warren Weaver Hall?

Every office occupied by a faculty or staff member is equipped with a computer which is connected to the CIMS network. Students may use public labs which house both UNIX and Windows machines. These labs are maintained by CIMS and are subject to NYU computer use policies. See our labs webpage for more information.

Can I access my account from on campus?

There are a number of computer labs scattered throughout the NYU campus that support a variety of platforms and equipment. Your CIMS account can be accessed from these computers through programs like puTTy and winscp. These labs are supported by ITS, for more information about these labs, click here.

Do the CIMS buildings offer wireless services?

Wireless service is available throughout Warren Weaver Hall. For more information on how to register for and configure this service, click here.

Can I access my account from off campus?

There are a few ways that you can access your account from a computer that is off-campus. For information on how to login to your account and transfer files to and from your account using commands such as ssh, scp and sftp, click here.

For information on how to create an ssh-tunnel, which allows you a graphic interface to your account from a Windows or Mac, click here.

To learn how you can map your CIMS home directory to a personal computer, see this page.

Can I view my account through a GUI?

An SSH-Tunnel allows you to make a secure connection to your account from a Windows or Mac machine so that your CIMS home directory will appear as just another drive on your machine. For a more detailed explanation, and instructions on how to configure this service, click here.