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Equipment Instructions for WWH1302

The cabinet in 1302 consists of the following components:

  1. A PC running Windows XP.
  2. VGA-in, Audio-in, and Network-in for laptop users

The rack in 1302 consists of the following components:

  1. An audio amplifier that goes to the speakers in the room.
  2. A VCR
  3. A DVD player
  4. Mixer Audio Controls: These allow you to control the volume for a particular piece of equipment. The master volume control is labelled Input1 and is with the dials on the lower part of the rack. This volume should be lowered for use with the microphone (to prevent feedback) and raised for other sources (PC, VCR, etc). The Extron volume dial is for the PC, VCR and DVD player.

Laptop Usage

The cabinets have been wired internally so that the laptop signals go through to the projectors without any intermediate switching. This means that when the laptop is connected it detects the signal and sends it to the projector. Be sure to connect the VGA cable from your laptop to the rack. Power for your laptop is available on the rack as well. Room 1302: Select the LAPTOP button on the rack.

Using the Video Player:

Room 1302: press the VCR button on the rack (not the "Aux Video" button) and select VIDEO on the remote

Using the remote for the projector:

  • OPERATE turns the projector On/Off
  • COMPUTER selects PC or laptop input
  • VIDEO selects input from the VCR or DVD.
  • Note: There is no BLANK button on the remote in 1302.

Closing up when you are done:

  1. Turn off the projector using the POWER button on the remote.
  2. If you are using the PC, log out by clicking on START / ShutDown / Close all programs and log on as a different user.
  3. If you are using a laptop, put the VGA cable back in the drawer in the rack.
  4. Finally, lock up the cabinet.


Nothing appears on the Monitor The monitor, projector, or computers are off. Be sure that the monitor, projector, and computer(s) are on.
I have a blue screen with a "no signal" message in the projector You are getting the wrong input. Be sure that you pressed the right button on the rack (VIDEO for VCR, PC, LAPTOP, etc) and the right "computer" setting on the remote.
The projection is fuzzy or does not line up properly. Be sure the display on the computer is set to 800x600 which is the native resolution for the projector in room 1302.
The projector doesn't turn ff The projector uses a bulb and it takes time to cool down and warm up. Read the Projector Instructions for further details.

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