Want to know what kind of science our students work on?  Take a look at some research titles from the past few years.

We realize some of these titles may be intimidating.  Fear not!  The vast majority of our students enter the program with no prior knowledge of their research topic.  What our students accomplish in just six weeks is truly impressive.

Field: Chemistry

The Effect of Ethidium Bromide on Multiple Tryptophan Residues in EmrE

Mixed Peroxyketals as Potential Intermediates for the Formation of Endocyclic Peroxides

Designing Fluorescent Sensors for Long-Term Imaging of Intracellular Mg2+

Chelation Control of Metal Hydride Reductions of α‑Alkoxy Ketones


Field: Physics

Effects of Demagnetization on Ferromagnetic Thin Films

Double Aligned Graphene/ Boron Nitride Structures


Field: Biology

Optimizing Whole-Brain Labeling Methods for Brain-Wide Visualization of Dopaminergic Neurons

The Effect of Caffeine on Selective Attention in Speech Perception

The Division of Labor in the Auditory Processing of Animal Communication


Field: Mathematics

Expansions of Equilibria for Plasma Confinement

Modeling and Analyzing Stone Spike Formations Using Dissolving Candy

Nonlinear Dynamics and Music: The Appearance of Melodies in Chaotic Systems

Analyzing Granular Systems Under Impact Force


Field: Computer Science

Detecting Motion in Digital Images

Using Computer Modeling and Computation to Decrease Traffic Congestion

Machine Learning Techniques for Quantum Chemistry