If you are in need of financial support we hope you will consider the opportunities below.  Or, if you are simply interested in data science and want to learn more about it, apply for the Winston Data Scholarship!  It is a great opportunity to explore this up-and-coming STEM field.

Financial Aid

We offer need-based financial support for any student that may require help with the tuition.  On the GSTEM application you will see a checkbox to receive more information.  The student will then be sent a form that asks for parental income documentation that is submitted to the office of Financial Aid.  If a student qualifies, we will offer assistance equaling all or part of the tuition cost.

Winston Data Scholarship

Most people do not realize how data science affects their every day lives.  Traffic jam?  That’s data.  Searching for a good brunch place?  That’s data.  Are those shoes you want available in your size?  That’s data.  And it’s an integral part of science and research.  Learning how to collect, analyze, and interpret data is quickly becoming one of the most sought after skills in STEM.

The Winston Data Scholarship is a merit-based, competitive opportunity open to any student interested in learning more about data science.  Recipients are required to perform a small, data-science project to complement their regularly assigned summer research project.  We provide all the resources.  The student provides the curiosity.

On the GSTEM application there is a checkbox to indicate an interest in applying.  Applicants must then submit an additional essay on data science (instructions are provided on the application) which will be reviewed by our admissions committee.  The Winston Data Scholarship covers the program’s tuition in full.