• all new and replacement hiring continues to be frozen
  • no new temporary employees
  • suspension of all overtime
  • student employment may proceed subject to business needs and budget availability

Travel - Domestic and International

  • no discretionary travel, including conferences and meetings, for the remainder of the academic year
  • virtual conferences that do not include travel but require registration fees will be considered on a case by case basis

Contracts and Consultants

  • no new contracts or consulting agreements unless funded by specific donations/contractual gift obligations

Other Discretionary Expenses

  • these expenses are suspended for the remainder of the academic year.  This includes food and meals, non-essential office supplies and equipment
  • essential expenses require pre-approval from the school or unit's Fiscal Officer


  • grant funds can continue to be spent for allowable and reasonable expenses
  • full-time researcher hires (not postdocs) must be approved by the Office of the Provost

Remote Work During the Pandemic

  • Equipment use at home – Individual departments are responsible for securing all University property. The following University equipment may be taken home from an employee’s workstation or office at the discretion of the department during this period of remote work due to the pandemic:
    • PCs and Laptops
    • Monitors and computer-related cables
    • Keyboards, Mouse and similar peripherals
    • Headphones
    • Personal printers (supervisor approval required/ toner will not be reimbursed)