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We are subscribers to the American Math Society's hypertext version of Mathematical Reviews, called MathSciNet. It offers many new ways of searching through Math Reviews. Another version of the database (1988 through June 1998) is available for searching on CDROM in the CIMS Library.

INSPEC from the Institution of Electrical Engineers is the world's largest bibliographic database in the field of physics, electrical engineering and electronics, computers and control engineering and information technology.

NEW! The ACM Digital Library, which includes the full text of all ACM periodicals and most of the proceedings is available for use from any machine within NYU's network. This site also links to the ACM Portal which provides access to bibliographic information from a broad range of computing literature including that of other publishers.

NEW! Computing Reviews from the ACM is available in an online version and provides expert reviews of literature in the field of computer science.

Springer-Verlag's LINK project offering access to their journals is now available to those machines in the NYU.EDU domain. Lecture Notes in Computer Science

The Science Citation Index is now available to NYU domain. Web of Science known as Science Citation Index

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