Facilities Services

For information about maintenance and custodial services, building access, classroom reservations, telephone services, mail services and supplies, see below.

Facilities Services


The Courant Institute has a limited number of apartments, for both short-term visitors (furnished apts. for 3 months or less) and for postdoctoral visitors staying for one or more semesters.

This is for informational purposes only. While some of these hotels offer discounts for the NYU community, we neither endorse nor seek to promote any particular hotel.

Human Resources:

The Courant Institute's HR staff provides services to faculty, researchers, and staff in accordance with NYU policies and procedures. It liaisons with the following University offices: Central HR, Accounts Payable, Academic Appointments, Equal Opportunity, Risk Management, and OGS among others, to provide information and ensure compliance with NYU policies and procedures as well as federal and state laws.

Visit the NYU HR website for information and guidance on benefits, wellness resources, career and professional development and other topics of interest.

Administrative Services and Contacts Chart

CIMS Compressed Workweek

Telecommuting Arrangement


Paychecks are no longer sent to Courant. Please pick up your paycheck at the NYU Manhattan Student Link Center (383 Lafayette Street), if you are a student.

The Courant Institute's payroll office is located in Room 824, Warren Weaver Hall. If you have a reimbursement or other payment available at Courant, please contact Stephanie Auyeung. Her email is auyeung@cims.nyu.edu, and her number is x26991.

Please click on the link to the payroll page below for information regarding the following: pay schedules, obtaining a social security number, GLACIER, hourly student workers, research assistants, graders/tutors, graduate employee adjuncts, student employee paycheck pick-up location, as well as employment verification.

Payroll Information

Reimbursement Forms

Reimbursement Forms

Special Events

For information on event planning procedures and contact information, please follow the link below.

Travel Information

Click below for guidelines for acceptable expenses and procedures for reimbursable travel.

Travel Information

Visa and Immigration Matters

The Courant's HR staff facilitates the acquisition of Visas for faculty and research staff by acting as a liaison with the NYU Office of Global Services (OGS). The HR staff advises faculty members and research staff as to the process of obtaining Visas and assists in the completion of the required paperwork. Questions or concerns regarding Visas and immigration status should be referred to either Martha Torres or Karen Micallef.

Weekly Bulletin Submissions

The Weekly Bulletin is published every Wednesday. Announcements for the Bulletin should be emailed to its coordinator, Jackie Mileski, at jdm11@cims.nyu.edu or delivered to her office located at WWH 1124. The Deadline is Tuesday, 4:00 P.M. Any errors appearing in the Bulletin should be directed to Jackie Mileski at 998-3022, or emailed to jdm11@cims.nyu.edu. The alternate coordinator for the Weekly Bulletin is Sylvia Mejia, her email is mejia@cims.nyu.edu, her office is located in WWH 924 and her telephone is 998-3224.

Subscribing electronically to the CIMS Weekly Bulletin is easy: Go here where you may subscribe or unsubscribe easily using the web-based GNU Mailman. This process requires a password of your choosing or you can use the one generated for you.