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Scanners, Copiers, CD/DVD Burners


Because of the likelihood of breakage if not properly used, there are no scanners in the computer labs or any other public location. However, each administrative aide has a scanner and can assist faculty, staff, and PhD students to scan documents. You can go to the administrative aide associated with the faculty member with whom you are affiliated. Please see this list of administrative aides by faculty member.


The CIMS Systems group does not support the copiers in the building. For information regarding copiers, as well as telephones, electrical power in offices, or any other general maintenance questions, please contact building services.


Nearly every desktop PC, running either Windows or Linux, in offices or the labs, is equipped with a CD burner. Several machines in the labs, labeled with "HAS A DVD-R DRIVE", also have DVD burners. See How to burn a CD/DVD for more information and specific how-to instructions.