1. 2.Waves and Mean Flows

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Appeared first in summer 2009 in the series Cambridge Monographs on Mechanics,

Cambridge University Press.

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1. A Brief Introduction to Classical, Statistical, and Quantum Mechanics

Courant Lecture Notes Series vol. 13, American Mathematical Society, 2006.

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2. PhD, 1996 (supervised by Prof. Michael E. McIntyre):

Waves and Balanced Mean Flows in the Atmosphere.

180pages. Cambridge University.

1. Diplom, 1992 (supervised by Prof. Ingo Müller):

Randbedingungen in verdünnten Gasen. Einfluß von Inertialkräften auf Spannung und Wärmefluß.

(Boundary Conditions in Rarefied Gases. Influence of Inertial Forces on Stress and Heat flux.)

76pages. Technische Universität Berlin.


Provides between two covers a rapid introduction to particle mechanics, dispersive waves, statistical mechanics, and elementary quantum mechanics aimed at advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students. Focuses on mathematical techniques (e.g. Hamilton–Jacobi theory and path integrals) that provide links between seemingly unrelated material.