Now that you are an NYU GSTEM student, there are a number of important tasks you must complete to prepare for the program.  Some tasks pertain to being an NYU Summer Programs student while others are more specific to GSTEM.

  • Check your email often. (Not sure why we’re even writing this.)  All communications will be sent to the email address you provided on your application.
  • Activate your NetID.  Your NetID is your log-in and username for all NYU online resources and services.  It is shown at the top of your admissions letter and consists of your initials and numbers (ex. abc123).  Go to and follow the instructions for activation and password set up.
  • Take a look at NYUHome and Albert. NYUHome is the central hub for online communications and information at NYU. Log in using your NetID and password. Once you’re in, select your Albert account. This is where you will find your program enrollment and student account.
  • Subscribe to the NYU GSTEM Blog.  In your welcome letter you received the link to the blog which highlights important information like resources, deadlines, spending summer in NYC, housing, events registration, etc.  We highly recommend you sign up so you can stay informed on the latest NYU and GSTEM news.
  • Complete the required summer forms.  The necessary forms for the summer were provided to you as a packet in your welcome letter.  All forms are due no later than June 17th.  Please be sure to meet that deadline.
  • Read the NYU Summer Programs Handbook.  This is imperative.  The handbook covers all the policies, procedures, academic standards, and conduct standards that students are required to follow.  You will see that one of your summer forms is the Summer Programs Contract part of which outlines your understanding of the handbook.  The handbook can be accessed here.
  • Complete your housing application.  If you are living in NYU Housing during the program be sure to complete your application and pay the housing deposit.  This will ensure your spot for life in the dorm this summer.
  • Plan your travel to NYC (for housing students). Move-in day is Sunday, June 30th.  Students should plan to arrive to Weinstein Hall between 8am and 2pm.  There is a mandatory orientation meeting at 3pm that day.  There is also a floor meeting scheduled for 8pm that night which is a good opportunity to meet your floor mates.  We highly recommend you attend.
  • Pay Your Bill.  Payment is due before the start of the program but no later than June 14th.  Once we have officially enrolled you for the summer you will receive an email from the Bursar with your e-bill.  To access your bill and arrange payment, log in to NYU Albert with your NetID and password, click “Finances” under the “Student” tab and then View Bursar Account.  Follow the instructions to make a payment.  The preferred method of payment is by electronic check.  There is no additional fee for this safe and secure service.  If you are unable to pay using an electronic check, please select one of NYU’s other methods of payment.  If you have any questions about your bill or payment, please contact the Bursar directly at or (212) 998-2806.  You may also visit their website.
  • Register with the Moses Center (optional).  The Moses Center for Students with Disabilities (MCSD) assists students in obtaining appropriate and reasonable accommodations and services.  Accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis; however, examples include arrangements for physically accessible spaces and supplemental lecture notes. Students are strongly encouraged to contact MCSD well in advance of the beginning of NYU GSTEM to allow necessary time to review disability requests and implement accommodations.  Please contact MCSD with any questions you may have about their services at or (212) 998-4980.
  • Upload Your ID Photo. All GSTEM students will receive an NYU ID Card that will grant you access to the libraries and various buildings on campus.  Students can submit an ID photo online by going to  We will allot you time during Orientation to pick up your ID Card.  If for whatever reason your online photo submission is declined, the ID Center can take your picture on the spot.
  • Invite Your Parents to the First Day of Orientation. Your parents are welcome to join you on the morning of July 1 and stay through lunch.  The morning session will include introductions of GSTEM staff, an alumnae panel, and a separate Parent Q&A.  Lunch will follow.  Please RSVP and let us know if your parents plan to attend.
  • Don’t Buy a MetroCard. GSTEM will provide you with a MetroCard to cover your MTA subway /bus costs during the program.  On your first day of Orientation, July 1, you will receive a 30-day unlimited MetroCard.   And in August you will receive weekly unlimited MetroCards to get you through to the end of the program.  Though some students may also take the Long Island Rail Road, MetroNorth, or New Jersey Transit, we are unable to cover those costs.  We suggest students contact each agency directly to see if student discounts are available.
  • Sign Up for Events. Emails will start going out with all the fun evening and weekend events coming up.  Outings include Broadway shows, museums, sporting events, walking tours, and much more.  Take advantage, meet new people, and have fun!

Stay tuned for more items soon…