New York University Faculty of Arts and Science College of Arts and Science Graduate School of Arts and Science

Courant Staff

All email addresses, unless otherwise specified, should be appended with (The aliases and can also be used).

Rosemary Amico CS Assistant Director, Computer Science WWEAV 307 83068 amico
Tamar Arnon Math Asst. Director of Student Affairs WWEAV 623 83257 arnon
Richelle Ash CIMS Assistant Director, Sponsored Research WWEAV 818 83372 ash
Sarah Bellows CIMS Sponsored Projects Officer WWEAV 824 83263 bellows
Robb Bifano CIMS Project Leader, Systems Development WWEAV 1021 83031 robb
Daisy Calderon-Mojar CIMS Administrative Aide and Math Typing WWEAV 1024 83194 mojar
Lena Jane Carey CIMS Executive Assistant to the Director WWEAV 1304 83513 lenajanecarey
Leslie Cerve CIMS Administrative Aide 715BW 700 83026 cerve
David J Clark CIMS Administrative Aide II 726BW 781A 83337 djc412
Jenifer Cohen CIMS Senior Sponsored Projects Officer WWEAV 821 83019 jenifer
Larry Cohen CIMS Duplicating and Mail Services Coordinator WWEAV 819 83117 cohenl
Jennifer Conlan Darlington CS Program Administrator, MS Programs WWEAV 324 83064 conlan
Arlette Cruz CIMS Administrative Aide WWEAV 804 83332 acruz
Alison Entin Math Program Administrator WWEAV 625 83182 entin
Claevens Estriplet CIMS Sponsered Projects Officer  WWEAV 820 27545 estriplet
Kaisha Fanord CIMS Senior Sponsored Projects Officer WWEAV 822 83248 kaisha
Nick Fogarty CIMS Web Developer WWEAV 1019 83499 fogarty
Keisha Grady CIMS Budget Analyst II WWEAV 823 83231 grady
Andy Hagerty CIMS Project Leader, Systems Development WWEAV 1020 83095 hagerty
Andy Howell CIMS Assoc. Director of IT Services WWEAV 1018 83516 howell
Carol Hutchins NYU Head CIMS Library WWEAV 1200 83314 carol.hutchins at
Anina Karmen CIMS Special Events Coordinator 719BW 712 83076 anina
Romeo Kumar CS Program Administrator, Undergraduate Division WWEAV 323 83094 kumar
Melissa Kushner Vacca Math Manager, Academic Affairs, Graduate Program  WWEAV 622 83104 vacca
Katie Laugel CS Program Administrator, Graduate Programs WWEAV 326 83061 laugel

Rebecca Liebe

CIMS Manager, Academic Affairs, Data Science 726BW 781B 83307 liebe

Stephanie Lo

CIMS Administrative Aide II WWEAV 526 26991 lo
Roy Lowrance CIMS Chief of Staff, Data Science 726BW 782 83401 lowrance
Beth Markowitz Math Manager, Academic Affairs, Undergraduate Program WWEAV 626 83163 beth
Richelle McLean CIMS Administrative Aide WWEAV 526 83350 mclean
Sylvia Mejia CIMS Administrative Aide WWEAV 924 83224 mejia
Saudy Melo CIMS Network Technician WWEAV 1006 83188 melo
Karen Micallef CIMS Payroll and HR Manager WWEAV 806 83226 micallef
Jackie Mileski CIMS Administrative Aide WWEAV 1124 83022 jdm11
Paul Monsour CIMS CPAM Managing Editor WWEAV 703 83193 monsour
Shirley Palma CIMS Systems Administrator 715BW 1230 83383 palma
Neelang Parghi CIMS Production Editor WWEAV 724 83241 parghi
Santiago Pizzini CS Program Administrator, Ph.D. Program WWEAV 325 83461 pizzini
Alisa Pulver Math Administrative Aide WWEAV 606 83028 pulver
Danielle Ramos CIMS Administrative Aide WWEAV 1305 83250 dramos
Joan Randolph Math Administrative Aide to the Chair WWEAV 627 83165 joanran
Irene Robling CIMS Associate Director, Administration & Finance WWEAV 816 83356 robling
Elizabeth Rodriguez CIMS Special Events Coordinator WWEAV 808 83256 erod
Hilary Sachar CIMS Manager of Facilities and Administrative Services 719BW 703 27701 sachar
Asma Sarwary CS Administrative Aide II WWEAV 305 83113 sarwary
Brittany Shields Math COB Program Administrator WWEAV 621 84856 bshields
Michelle Shin Math Program Administrator, Graduate Programs WWEAV 624 83009 shin
Michael Sohn CIMS Asst. Director, Finance WWEAV 807 83055 msohn
Hong Tam CIMS Administrative Aide 719BW 1223 83374 hongtam
Kenturah Taylor CIMS Sponsored Projects Officer WWEAV 904 83324 kt57
Sue Taylor Math Assistant Director, Mathematics WWEAV 618 84864 staylor
Varsha Tiger CIMS CDS Program Administrator 726BW 783 83367 tiger
Martha Torres CIMS Asst. Director, HR and Administrative Services WWEAV 827 83114 mtorres
Stephanie Tracy CS Administrative Aide II WWEAV 304 83103 tracy
Michael Ward CIMS Systems Administrator WWEAV 1023  83144


Aric Werner CIMS Systems Administrator WWEAV 1022  83147 awerner