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Location of Public Printers

Use of the following printing resources is restricted to members of the Courant community. Access is based on having a Courant account and usage is controlled through a printing quota system. These printers are not general NYU resources.

Those printers named "bwpr" are capable of printing in black and white only, while those printers named "cpr" are capable of printing in color.  Devices with an "mf" name are multifunction copiers that also function as printers, they can be found on each floor and their network names are in the format of mf-07 (on the 7th floor for example).

Every printer has an associated cost, which is the amount per page that is deducted from one's printing quota. Unless otherwise noted in the table below, "cpr" and "nhpc" printers cost $0.05 per page, "bwpr" and "nhp" printers cost $0.02 per page, and "mf" printers cost $0.01 per page.

Warren Weaver Hall

Printer nameLocation
bwpr13 room 229
bwpr14 room 230
bwpr70 room 327 (This printer is for CS faculty and administrators who have access to room 327.)
nhpc01 room 327 (This is a color printer for CS faculty who have access to room 327.)
bwpr09 room 426
cpr09 room 426
bwpr17 room 515 (room requires special access code)
bwpr58 room 615
bwpr23 room 715
nhp16 8th floor hall
cpr05 8th floor hall
bwpr29 room 915
cpr11 room 915
bwpr25 room 1026
cpr12 room 1026
cpr03 room 1115
bwpr24 room 1115
bwpr44 room 1312
cpr10 room 1312 (This printer is for Math and CIMS staff who have access to room 1312.)

715/719 Broadway

Printer nameLocation
nhp2 room 700
bwpr16 room 700
nhp40 room 700
cpr07 room 700
bwpr11 room 1000
nhp64 room 1200
bwpr04 room 1200 (reception desk)
cpr01 room 1200

726 Broadway

Printer nameLocation
bwpr66 room 781
cpr18 room 781