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Virtual Nodes

Courant continues to develop more virtualization strategies to help manage the greater flexibility needed in modern days.


Self-Managed Compute Nodes

We offer self-managed virtual machines for users who want to manage their own systems.  We currently only offer a RHEL5 based system install.  To request a self-managed node, apply using the virtual machine request form.


Public Cloud Computing

These machines are restricted to logins from within the Courant network, so if you are coming from outside of CIMS, you will have to first login to, then use ssh to get to them.


Special Software:

Magma software is availabe for use on the first two virtual machines and You should be able to run magma by running 'magma' from the terminal. More documentation is available from it's location in /local/magma/doc.


Private Cloud Computing

We offer dedicated CIMS managed virtual machines for users who just want to get down to business and not have to worry about managing their own systems  To request a private CIMS managed node, apply using the virtual machine request form.