Mathematica in CentOS 7 remains unchanged from it's status in RHEL6.

Our Mathematica installations are located at: /opt/pkg/mathematica

We have symlinks in /opt/bin which correspond to our "last", "current", and "next" versions of Mathematica:

user123@box999[~]$ which mathematica

user123@box999[~]$ which mathematica-next

user123@box999[~]$ which mathematica-last


At time of writing, these correspond to:
Name Version
mathematica-last 9.0.1
mathematica 10.4.0
mathematica-next 10.4.0

When a new version of Mathematica is released, these links will be cycled so that mathematica-next points to the next version of Mathematica.

Please report any problems regarding Mathematica to