The Courant Institute will host
"A Day to Celebrate the Lives and Work of Eugene Isaacson and Herbert Keller"
on Friday December 4 in Warren Weaver Hall, room 109.
Former colleagues, students, and family will speak.

Eugene Isaacson received his doctoral degree from our institute, with Kurt-Otto Friedrichs, in 1949 and remained with us as a faculty member and an active presence in his retirement. Herbert Keller received his doctorate from our institute, working with Wilhelm Magnus and Joseph Keller, in 1954.  He was a member of our faculty until the mid-sixties when he left for Pasadena and Caltech where he spent the rest of his life and career. The collaboration of the two resulted in a very well-known textbook "Analysis of Numerical Methods" published by Wiley in 1966.


10:30 am to 12:30 pm, WWH 109

Gerard Ben Arous, acting CIMS Director: Welcoming remarks
Peter Lax, "Gene Isaacson and his mathematical interests"
Eli Turkel, NYU PhD with Eugene Isaacson 1970:"Equation Based Preconditioning"
Thomas Hagstrom, CalTech PhD with Herbert Keller 1983:"A few things I learned from Herb Keller"
Olof Widlund, On Herbert Keller's life and work, with photos from Debbie Keller's family archives 

2:00 to 4:30 pm, WWH 109

Eugene Wachspress, "Then and Now"
Paul Fife, NYU PhD with Eugene Isaacson 1959: "Memories of Gene Isaacson. Also, the scaling patch approach to wall-induced turbulence"
Charles Peskin, "Working with three generations" and also introduing the film "The Mathematician and the River"
David Isaacson, "Eugene Isaacson"

Additional remarks by participants

Reception to follow in the Courant Institute 13th floor lounge.


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Please do not hesitate to contact Olof Widlund (, who is organizing the event, for any further questions. We would appreciate knowing in advance if you have a chance to attend.