Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics

The Courant Institute’s own mathematics journal, Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics (CPAM), began publication in 1948. Volume 1 included papers by Kurt Friedrichs, Marian Heineman, Eberhard Hopf, Eugene Isaacson, Fritz John, Anneli Lax, Hans Lewy, Joseph Keller, Max Shiffman, and James Stoker. The topics covered waves in shallow water, shock waves, the Boltzmann equation, transonic flow, turbulence, and spectral theory.

The contents of subsequent CPAM volumes provide a unique portrait of the Institute’s mathematical evolution as well as a modern history of the theory of partial differential equations.

Starting with the July 2012 issue, CPAM has been publishing special issues in observance of the Courant Institute's 75th anniversary. This ongoing series serves as a survey of current research activity at Courant. Written by members of the institute, the articles are intended to introduce the mathematically literate reader to other subject areas within the discipline beyond his or her own. A listing of these articles can be found here

The journal website, hosted by the publisher John Wiley, is available here

Courant Lecture Notes

The Courant Institute publishes its own series of lecture notes. They are based on the research interests of the faculty and visitors of the Institute. These lecture notes originated in advanced graduate courses and mini-courses offered at the Institute. For a list of currently available volumes (with prices) visit the web site or write to Lecture Notes, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, 251 Mercer Street, New York, NY 10012-1185.

Technical Reports

Preprints or reprints reflecting current research activity can be obtained by writing directly to individual faculty members.

Many computer science preprints are now available online. To obtain articles, check the department's home page. Early technical reports from the period 1941 through the early 1980s may be available from the Courant Library.