Courant Payroll Office (Room 806, Warren Weaver Hall)

  • For assistance, you may contact Karen Micallef, Human Resources/Payroll Manager at micallef@cims or Stephanie Auyeung, HR Administrator at auyeung@cims
  • Please email payroll@cims for assistance for Graders/Tutors, RAs, and Adjuncts.
  • Student Workers and Workstudy Students should also contact payroll@cims.

Paycheck Distribution

Paycheck Schedules

Type of Employee Pay Schedule
Full-Time Faculty and Administrators Monthly
Clerical, Technical Staff and Hourly Student Workers Bi-Weekly
Part-Time Faculty and Graduate Employee Adjuncts Semi-Monthly Employee
Graders, Tutors and Research Assistants Semi-Monthly Student

NYU Student Employee Paycheck Location

If you are a student, please pick up your paycheck at:

  • Manhattan Student Link Center (383 Lafayette Street)
  • Please Note: The following categories fall under "student":
    1. Hourly Student Worker
      1. Assistant
      2. Technical Assistant
      3. Office Assistant
    2. Students receiving stipend
    3. Research Assistant
    4. Grader/Tutor
    5. Graduate Employee Adjunct

We strongly recommend everyone sign up for direct deposit.

Please see the tip sheet for students to set up direct deposit here.