Courant Payroll Office (Room 824, Warren Weaver Hall)

Pay Schedule

Paycheck Schedules

Type of Employee Pay Schedule
Full-Time Faculty and Administrators Monthly
Clerical, Technical Staff and Hourly Student Workers Bi-Weekly
Part-Time Faculty and Graduate Employee Adjuncts Semi-Monthly Employee
Graders, Tutors and Research Assistants Semi-Monthly Student

Student Employees


A valid NYU Wasserman On Campus Student Employee Application form must be provided by:

  • any students working for the first time at Courant
  • all hourly student workers working at Courant (each time).

For example, if you are an hourly student who has been hired to work at Courant again, you must provide the NYU Wasserman On Campus Student Employee Application form again.

This is an example of a valid NYU Wasserman On Campus Student Employee Application form.

Please note the areas circled in blue. In order to be valid, this form must:

  • show your I-9 has been completed (either with a Y or a date)
  • have a valid Employment Authorization Exp Date
  • have a Wasserman Center signature (it is usually signed by Doreen Pierre)
  • be signed and dated by the student.

It should then be submitted to the appropriate department administrator or Sponsored Project Officer (SPO).

Social Security Information

For information regarding obtaining a social security number, please see our Social Security information page.

Additional Information

Students should not perform work when the university is closed. These are the holidays when the university is closed.

Please reference the Wasserman Eligibility section regarding On-Campus Employment.[1]


For information regarding reporting employment status to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service using GLACIER, please see our GLACIER information page.

Information for Specific Employment Types

Please see the pages below for detailed information regarding each specific type of employment.


[1] In certain cases, undergraduate students can work past their graduation date. Please contact Courant Payroll for more information.

NYU Student Employee Paycheck Location

If you are a student employed by Center for Data Science, Computer Science, Mathematics at Washington Square, and/or Courant, paychecks are located at:

  • Manhattan Student Link Center (383 Lafayette Street)

If you are a student employed by Mathematics for Engineering in Brooklyn, paychecks are located at:

  • Brooklyn Student Link Center (5 MetroTech Center, Dibner 201)

Please note: the following categories fall under "student":

  1. Hourly Student Worker
    1. Assistant
    2. Technical Assistant
    3. Office Assistant
  2. Students receiving stipend
  3. Research Assistant
  4. Grader/Tutor
  5. Graduate Employee Adjunct

We strongly recommend everyone sign up for direct deposit.

Please see the tip sheet for students to set up direct deposit.

Employment Verification

Employees who require employment verification should use The Work Number. For more information visit the NYU page regarding employment verification using The Work Number.

If The Work Number is not helpful, employees should contact PeopleLink at or (212) 992-5465.

Additional information for Courant employees is available on the internal payroll page.