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Research Groups

Applied Math Lab
The AML is an experimental laboratory sitting on the ground floor of Warren Weaver Hall. Its main focus is on the interactions of moving bodies or flexible structures with fluid flows as arises commonly in biology, geophysics, and many other areas. Many of its experimental projects are tied to mathematical modeling and simulation studies.

Bioinformatics LabNYU Bioinformatics Lab
 Bud Mishra and colleagues, working with collaborators at the NYU and Mount Sinai Schools of Medicine, the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, and the Institute for Advanced Study, have been developing algorithms for better "base-calling," collecting databases of accurate sequence reads from an individual, and aligning and assembling the reads into haplotypic genome sequences.  They also develop algorithms for genome-wide association studies, which relate genotype and phenotype frequencies in a population, and for identifying causal relationships between genomic variants and phenotypes using electronic health records. The group also develops models of cancer, in which genomic aberrations play an important role. These cancer models are then analyzed and manipulated using computer-science tools from model checking and supervisory control.

CAOSCenter for Atmosphere Ocean Science
This Center aims to use applied mathematical methods to develop an understanding of complex and poorly understood phenomena in the climate system. Methods include multi-scale methods; stochastic modeling; numerical turbulence modeling and information theory.

CDSCenter for Data Science
The Center for Data Science is a focal point for New York University's university-wide initiative in data science and statistics. The Center was established to help advance NYU's goal of creating the country's leading data science training and research facilities, and arming researchers and professionals with tools to harness the power of big data.

CMCLCourant Mathematics and Computing Laboratory
Our program is devoted to the formulation, analysis and numerical resolution of a broad class of scientific problems, drawn from aerodynamics, multi-phase flow, combustion, electromagnetics, optics and materials science.

Environmental Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
This laboratory supports research and educational activities in environmental science. Emerging software and hardware capabilities in information technology are being developed and applied so as to integrate physical laboratory experiments, numerical models, and real-world observational data. The ultimate objective of such an integration is to create a deeper understanding of important phenomenon in the natural environment. Current topics of interest tend to focus on the polar regions and, in particular, on ice-ocean interaction and ocean downslope mixing.

The Games for Learning Institute
The NYU Games for Learning Institute (G4LI), a collaboration between seven partner universities with support from Microsoft Research, is dedicated to advancing the design, use, and evaluation of computer games in formal and informal educational settings. The Institute works to provide fundamental scientific evidence of "what works" in games for learning - what makes certain games compelling and playable, and what design elements make games educationally effective. The results provide critically important information to researchers, game developers, and educators, and point the way to a new era of using games for educational purposes.

Mathematics in Finance Workshop and Conference Center
The mission of the Center is to provide the finance community with continuous learning and networking opportunities, covering areas from foundations in quantitative finance to the most innovative and latest cutting-edge research.

Media Research Lab
The Media Research Lab conducts a broad range of research in computer graphics, geometric modeling, reflectance measurement and modeling, simulation, visualization, scientific computing, machine learning, computer vision, mobile robotics, innovative new user interface devices and human-computer interaction.

NYU Movement Lab
The NYU movement group is a motion capture lab and research group dedicated to the analysis and animation of all forms of human movement. Many projects are at the boundary between computer science, dance, performance art, animation, medical research, and other uses of motion capture technology.

The Proteus Project
Our research is focused on the task of information extraction -- analyzing text, identifying particular types of names, relations, and events reported in the text, and building data bases recording this information.