CIMS Payroll Office (Room 806, Warren Weaver Hall)

  • For assistance, you may contact Karen Micallef, Human Resources/Payroll Manager at micallef@cims or Stephanie Lo, HR Administrator at lo@cims
  • Please email payroll@cims for assistance for Graders/Tutors, RAs, and Adjuncts.
  • Student Workers and Workstudy Students should also contact payroll@cims.

Paycheck Distribution (Room 804, Warren Weaver Hall)

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 2pm to 4:30pm.

Please bring a photo ID with you when picking up your check.

Paycheck Schedules

NYU Student Employee Paycheck Location Consolidation

To simplify student paycheck distribution and pickup and strengthen the related controls, the existing 170+ paycheck pick-up locations will be consolidated to the five locations starting in January 2017.

If you currently receive your physical paychecks at Courant, and if you work at Courant:

  • Starting in January, paychecks will no longer be sent to Courant.
  • Instead, please pick up your paycheck at:
    Manhattan Student Link Center (383 Lafayette Street)
  • Please Note: The following students will be impacted by this change:
    1. Hourly Student Workers
      1. Assistant
      2. Technical Assistant
      3. Office Assistant
    2. Students receiving stipend
    3. Research Assistants
    4. Graders/Tutors
    5. Graduate Employee Adjuncts

Note: If you are a Graduate Employee Adjunct, this does apply to you. Previously, your checks were sent to your home unless you had direct deposit set up. Now, your checks will be sent to 383 Lafayette Street unless you have direct deposit set up.

We strongly recommend everyone sign up for direct deposit.

Please see the tip sheet for students to set up direct deposit here.