Advising and Admissions

Current NYU Students, Prospective Students, and Prospective Visitors

I am not currently recruiting new research students, visitors, or staff for AY 2023-24 or AY 2024–25. Consider reaching out to other faculty and senior researchers at the Alignment Research Group instead.


Variational Autoencoders

My paper on this topic with Luke Vilnis was done during a Google internship, and we were not able to take any code or data with us at the end of the internship. If you need help applying VAE language models in new areas, my coauthor Luke has some notes that we are allowed to share, but your best bet is to look at any of the many good papers on the topic that have come out since ours.

Other Requests

Anthropic Referrals and Career Advice

In my role with Anthropic, I can't generally provide pre-interview advice to job candidates. I can only give referrals for people who I have worked with directly for multiple months. I also won't generally be able to respond to Anthropic requests through my nyu.edu address.


Unless we have collaborated on research already, I'm not generally available for paid or informal short-term commercial research consulting. I'm open to considering highly-impactful public-interest consulting work.

Media, Reviewing, Commenting on Research, Other Requests

I'm happy to take some of these requests, but I've recently started to receive significantly more of them than I'm able to reply to. Please don't be offended if you don't hear back.