Sam Bowman

Animation of Sam waving. Credit to Karl Pichotta for the idea.


Member of Technical Staff

Associate Professor of Linguistics, Data Science & Computer Science
Co-PI, Alignment Research Group, ML² Group & CILVR Lab
(on research leave Summer 2022–Summer 2024)
New York University

PhD 2016, Stanford NLP Group & Stanford Linguistics


At NYU, I study artificial neural network models for natural language understanding, with a focus on language model alignment, building high-quality training and evaluation data, and applying neural network models to scientific questions in syntax and semantics.

During an extended sabbatical-year research leave (2022–2024), I'm also leading a research group at Anthropic working on language model evaluation and alignment. I'm continuing to advise research at NYU during this time.

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Greatest Hits

You're most likely to have encountered my group by way of our SNLI, MultiNLI datasets, our GLUE and SuperGLUE benchmark competitions, our jiant software toolkit, or our papers on a range of topics involving language models.


If we haven't been in contact previously, please look through this FAQ before emailing me. You can reach me at