Mariya Savinov

savinov_photo        PhD Candidate
        Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences

        New York University

        Office: 907 Warren Weaver Hall

        e-mail: mariyasavinov [at] nyu [dot]
My CV is here


            New York University, Courant Institute
            Mathematics Doctoral Program
            Preliminary Written Exams: Passed in 01/21
            Comprehensive Oral Exams: Passed in 04/22

            University of Pittsburgh
            Bachelor of Philosophy in Mathematics and Physics, both with honors
            Cumulative GPA: 4.0

Research Interests and Experience

My research interests are in the mathematical modelling and numerical simulation of mechanical phenomena in cellular biology, relevant to processes such as cell motility, division, and intracellular transport. As a member of Professor Alex Mogilner's research group, I have been focused on intracellular fluid mechanics problems relating to cytoplasmic flow, often collaborating with experimental laboratories.

Spring 2021-present:  Graduate Research Assistant, New York University
            Contractile Actin Networks
            Advisor: Professor Alex Mogilner

2017-2020:  Undergraduate Researcher, University of Pittsburgh
            Entrainment of Forced Oscillators with Flexible Periods
            Advisors: Professor Bard Ermentrout and Professor David Swigon

Summer 2019:  DAAD RISE Undergraduate Researcher, Humboldt University of Berlin
            Modeling of Complex Contagion Processes on a Collective Behavior Fish Network
            Advisors: Professor Pawel Romanczuk and Winnie Poel

Summer 2017: NSF-REU Undergraduate Researcher, Rochester Institute of Technology
            Control of Period-2 Activity in Cardiac Cell Systems
            Advisor: Professor Elizabeth Cherry


Savinov, -M.; Swigon,-D; Ermentrout,-B.; "Synchronization and locking in oscillators with flexible frequencies," Chaos, vol. 31., no. 3, p. 033143, Mar. 2021, doi: 10.1063/5.0021836