Mariya Savinov

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Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences

New York University
Office: 907 Warren Weaver Hall

e-mail: mariyasavinov [at] nyu [dot]
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About Me

I am a third-year PhD student at Courant advised by Professor Alex Mogilner, supported by the NSF GRFP. My research interests are in the mathematical modeling and numerical simulation of mechanical phenomena in cellular biology, with a special emphasis on collaboration with experimental laboratories. I am fascinated by how mathematics and physics can be used to uncover underlying principles and mechanisms of natural phenomena, particularly in cases where experiments are not easy or possible. Most recently, my focus has been on modelling in vitro actomyosin dynamics in collaboration with experimental laboratories (see Research).

Currently, I am the graduate course assistant and grader for MATH-GA 2020: Graduate Numerical Methods II
. As part of this course, I assisted in the creation of an example suite of ODE solvers with object-oriented design (in MATLAB, Python, and Fortran), which can be found here.

This spring semester, I gave two lectures introducing numerical methods for ODEs for the undergraduate level. Those lecture notes can be found here.

When I am not at work, I like to play computer games, board games, and card games, and can often be found in an NYC park or at a live music venue.


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New York University

In progress: Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics

University of Pittsburgh

Bachelor of Philosophy in Mathematics and Physics


I believe it is crucial that we work hard to make mathematics more inclusive, supportive, and welcoming to individuals who have been historically marginalized in the mathematical sciences. In pursuit of this, I help organize the Courant DEI Reading Group and am lead organizer of the grad and postgrad section of the AWM Chapter. Additionally, this past year I led an effort to generate a new internal Courant PhD student survey administered by the Courant Student Organization.