Reprints List (1990-1994):
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Ramanathan, J. and Zeitouni, O., "On the Wavelet transform of fractional Brownian motion", IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory 37 (1991), pp. 1156-1158.
Shepp, L.A. and Zeitouni, O., "Exponential estimates for convex norms and some applications", Barcelona Conference on Stochastic analysis, D. Nualart and M. Sanz, eds., pp. 203- 215, Birkhauser, 1993.
Mayer-Wolf, E. and Zeitouni, O., "The probability of small Gaussian ellipsoids and associated conditional moments", Annals of Probability, 21 (1993), pp. 14-24.
Levanony, D., Shwartz, A. and Zeitouni, O., "Uniform decay and equicontinuity for normalized, parameter dependent Ito integrals", Stochastics and Stochastic reports, 43 (1993), pp. 9-28.
Levanony, D., Shwartz, A. and Zeitouni, O., "Recursive identification in continuous time stochastic processes", Stochastic Proc. Appl., 49 (1994), pp. 245--275. --- ---
Klebaner, F. and Zeitouni, O., "The exit problem for a class of density dependent branching systems", Annals of Applied Probab., 4 (1994) p. 1188--1205.
Dudley, R. M., Kulkarni, S., Richardson, T., and Zeitouni, O., "A metric entropy bound is not sufficient for learnability", IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory, 40 (1994), pp. 883--885.
Dembo, A., Karlin, S., and Zeitouni, O., "Critical phenomena for sequence matching with scoring", Annals of Probability, 22 (1994), pp. 1993--2021.
Dembo, A., Karlin, S. and Zeitouni, O., "Limit distribution of maximal non-aligned two-sequence segmental scoring", Annals of Probability, 22 (1994), pp. 2022--2039.
Dembo, A. and Zeitouni, O., "A large deviations analysis of range tracking loops", IEEE Trans. Aut. Control, 39 (1994), pp. 360-364.
Dembo, A., Karlin, S. and Zeitouni, O., "Large exceedances for multidimensional L'evy processes", Annals of Applied Prob., 4 (1994) pp. 432-447.

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