Preprints List:
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Feige, U. and Zeitouni, O., "Deterministic approximation for the cover time of trees".
Ding, J. and Zeitouni, O., "Extreme values for two-dimensional discrete Gaussian free field". To appear, Annals of Probability.
Rudelson, M. and Zeitouni, O., "Singular values of Gaussian matrices and permanent estimators". To appear, RSA.
Armstrong, S., Serfaty, S. and Zeitouni, O., "Remarks on a constrained optimization problem for the Ginibre ensemble". To appear, Potential Analysis.
Ghosh, S. and Zeitouni, O., "Large deviations for zeros of random polynomials with i.i.d. exponential coefficients".
Maillard, P. and Zeitouni, O., "Slowdown in branching Brownian motion with inhomogeneous variance".
Armstrong, S. N. and Zeitouni, O., "Local asymptotics for controlled martingales".
Bramson, M., Ding, J. and Zeitouni, O., "Convergence in law of the maximum of nonlattice branching random walk".
Feldheim, O., Paquette, E. and Zeitouni, O., "Regularization of non-normal matrices by Gaussian noise ".

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