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Slide presentations

  • Ronen Shaltiel: Extractors. Presented at the IAS workshop on "Lie Groups, Representations, and Discrete Mathematics" on February 9, 2006. Download .ppt (671K).
  • Lance Fortnow: Beyond NP: The Work and Legacy of Larry Stockmeyer. Invited talk at STOC 2005, May 22, 2005, Baltimore. View .pdf (2451K) or download .ppt (6142K).
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    • Albert R. Meyer: A Supervisor's Reminiscence: What We Were Thinking. Presented on May 21, 2005, at the Stockmeyer Commemoration organized by Cynthia Dwork and held in conjunction with STOC 2005. (PDF)
    • Larry J. Stockmeyer: The Complexity Theory of Decision Problems in Automata Theory and Logic. Ph. D. Thesis. MIT Dept. Electr. Eng. & Comp. Sci., June 28, 1974. Supervisor: Albert R. Meyer. (PDF)

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