“Discovering equations for ocean turbulence”

Laure Zanna (NYU Courant) will present at the 2022 Simons Collaboration on Wave Turbulence Annual Meeting on December 1st and 2nd in New York.

“Discovering equations for ocean turbulence”:

Ocean Mesoscale eddies (horizontal scale of 10 km-100 km)  are critical in setting the global ocean stratification, and for mixing of momentum and tracers in the ocean.  Mesoscale eddies are a key player in the ocean energy cycle: they extract available potential energy from the mean state, and are central in the inverse kinetic energy cascade, energizing the large scale flow.  Yet, most climate models only partially resolve them and we must therefore find approximations to represent their effects on the large scale flow. Here, we will present results using data from numerical simulations and machine learning techniques to learn equations that represents the effects of mesoscale eddies on the large scale. We will discuss the physical and mathematical properties of the equations learned, and examine their role in improving coarse resolution simulations of the ocean.