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XVIIth Annual Geometry Festival


    Check-in will take place in Warren Weaver Hall, 251 Mercer Street outside Room 109.  All subsequent talks will be given in Room 109.
    Day           Time        Event          Description
    Friday         1-3        Check-in       Outside of Room 109
                   3-4                       George Daskalopoulos, Brown
                                             On the Yang-Mills flow in 
                                             higher dimensions. 

    Saturday       8-9:30     Breakfast      Outside of Room 109
                   9:30-10:30                Hugh Bray, MIT
                                             On the mass of higher 
                                             dimensional black holes.
                   10:30-11   Coffee Break
                   11-12                     Xiuxiong Chen, Princeton
                                             The space of Kähler metrics
                   12-2:30    Lunch
                   2:30-3     Presentation   Philippe Tondeur, Director 
                                             Division Mathematical 
                                             Sciences, NSF
                                             What has happened at 
                                             DMS/NSF over the last
                                             three years.
                  3-4                        Juha Heinonen, U. Michigan
                                             On the existence of 
                                             quasiregular mappings.
                   4-5                       Alice Chang, Princeton 
                                             Conformally invariant 
                                             operators and the Gauss-
                                             Bonnet integrand.
                   5-6:30     Reception      Grumman Lounge, 
                                             13th floor WWH 

    Sunday          8-9:30am   Breakfast     Outside of Room 109
                    9:30-10:30               Alex Eskin, U.Chicago
                                             Billiards and lattices.
                    10:30-11   Coffee Break 
                    11-12pm                  Denis Auroux, MIT
                                             Singular plane curves
                                             and topological invariants
                                             of symplectic manifolds.


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