Geometric Computing Lab @ NYU


  • 04.30.2019Our four new SIGGRAPH papers are now online. The source code will also be available soon for TriWild and Progressive Embedding.
  • 03.07.2019Our two new CVPR 2019 papers are now online.
  • 11.27.2018We released the source code of our new C++ FEM library PolyFEM.
  • 11.08.2018The paper "NewsStand: A New View on News" by Daniele Panozzo and co-authors has received a 10-Year Impact Award from ACM SIGSPATIAL.
  • 07.02.2018The instant meshes algorithm is now available in 3D Coat and in MODO.
  • 06.18.2018Daniele Panozzo will serve on the editorial board of ACM Transactions on Graphics.
  • 03.08.2018Daniele Panozzo will serve on the technical papers committee for SIGGRAPH Asia 2018.
  • 03.05.2018Denis Zorin receives a Faculty Research Award from Google to support research on applications of machine learning to 3D surface reconstruction.
  • 01.08.2018The article 'Tactile Perception of the Roughness of 3D-Printed Textures', by Chelsea Tymms, Denis Zorin, and Esther Gardner of NYU Langone has received an award certificate for distinction in scholarship from the American Physiological Society.
  • 09.12.2017Our four SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 papers are now online.
  • 09.08.2017Zachary Ferguson, Hanxiao Shen, and Teseo Schneider joined the lab! Welcome!
  • 08.15.2017Abtin Rahimian is joining University of Colorado at Boulder as Assistant Professor.
  • 05.25.2017Our four SIGGRAPH 2017 papers are now online.
  • 05.04.2017 Congratulations to Dr. Julian Panetta! Julian is joining LGG lab at EPFL this summer.
  • 03.27.2017Daniele Panozzo will serve on the technical papers committee for SIGGRAPH Asia 2017.
  • 02.01.2017Daniele Panozzo has been awarded an NSF CAREER Award to support his research project "Coupling Geometric Acquisition and Digital Fabrication".