Schedule of talks and reminiscences:

12:30pm Richard Cole Welcome
12:35pm Oliver Buhler The Science of JBK
1:00pm David McLaughlin JBK in 1970
1:15pm Daljit Ahluwalia JBK as Mentor at the University Heights Campus
1:30pm Charlie Peskin JBK and the Classical Limit of Quantum Mechanics
1:45pm John Rinzel Joe and Sound Localization
2:00pm Ed Spiegel Just Plain Joe
2:15pm Steve Childress Smoothing with Joe
2:30pm Frank Hoppensteadt The Problem of the Day
2:45pm Jonathan Goodman JBK at Stanford
3:00pm Andy Majda Remarks on Joe Keller and his Legacy
3:15pm Charles Newman A few Memories of Joe at University Heights

Reception to follow at 3:30pm.