Slides of some talks:
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Talk PS
A survey of some techniques in random matrices theory. HP-Microsoft workshop, Bristol, 9/00.
On frequent points and covering times. Hebrew University and Technion, 11/00.
Concentration, large deviations and spherical integrals in random matrices theory. 3-eme cycle Romain de Math., Les Diablerets, 3/01.
An overview on random walks in random environments. IMU meeting, Mitzpeh Ramon, 5/02.
Uniqueness for a class of coagulation-fragmentation processes. Meeting on large scale systems, Shonan village, Japan, 7/02.
Random walks in random environments. ICM 2002, Beijing, 8/02.
Quenched large deviations for nonlinear filtering, with applications to tracking. Freidlin's birthday conference, Maryland, May 2003.
LLN and CLT's for random walks in (mixing) random environments. Northeast Prob. Seminar (New-York, 11/03) and Zurich (1/04).
A Correlation inequality for nonlinear reconstruction. MFLT2, Ecole Normale Superieure (Paris, 6/06).
Random walks in random environments: ergodic properties, homogenization and counter examples (Northwestern University, 10/2006).
Large Deviations at work: Abel lecture in the honor of S.R.S. Varadhan (Oslo, 5/23/2007).