There will be weekly online assignments administered through WebAssign. WebAssign problems are computational in nature and assess the techniques introduced in class. You will get immediate feedback on your progress and will get several chances to ensure it.

Course Access

You may access WebAssign through your section’s NYU Classes page. No separate username, password, or class key is necessary.


You will have a two-week grace period from the beginning of the term to purchase and activate a WebAssign license. Licenses can be purchased either as part of a textbook bundle at the NYU bookstore, or online through WebAssign. You can use a credit card or PayPal when purchasing your license online.

An online version of the textbook comes as part of the standard WebAssign license. The Enhanced WebAssign license (see below) comes with an online version of the textbook that has hyperlinks which jump between problems and the relevant sections of the book.

Each time you use WebAssign during the grace period you will be shown a reminder of the number of days left in your grace period, and a link to enter or purchase a license code.

Single- and Multi-semester licenses

You should purchase the single semester license, because this is probably the last time you will use this textbook and WebAssign.

Enhanced WebAssign (optional)

Enhanced WebAssign comes with extra digital resources, including videos with worked-out problems explained step-by-step the entire textbook as a hyperlinked digital manuscript links from problems to the relevant section in the electronic textbook. Since the e-book is included, you can avoid buying the physical textbook and save some money.