Jonathan Weare
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
New York University
251 Mercer Street
New York, NY 10012-1185
weare [AT] cims [DOT] nyu [DOT] edu

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Eigenvector Method for Umbrella Sampling (EMUS)
E. Thiede
(I am not an author)
Python implementation of a stratification approach to MCMC

Ensemble QuasiNewton MCMC (EQN)
C. Matthews (I am not an author)
Python implementation of an emsemble preconditioning approach to MCMC

Fast Randomized Iteration (FRI)
with J. Dama
Demonstration C++ implementation of randomized power iteration.

Enhanced Sampling Toolkit
J. Tempkin (I am not an author)
The Enhanced Sampling Toolkit provides a flexible and extensible toolkit for rapidly prototyping rare event simulation algorithms. The code is written entirely in Python and acts as a wrapper to various well-established molecular dynamics codes.

Ticketed Diffusion Monte Carlo (TDMC)
J. Dama (I am not an author)
Demonstration C++ implementation of an improved diffusion Monte Carlo method.

emcee: The MCMC Hammer
D. Foreman-Mackey, D. Hogg, D. Lang, and J. Goodman (I am not an author)
Python implementation of an affine invariant ensemble MCMC scheme.