I study physical processes in polar regions in particular those having an effect on the interactions between glaciers and the ocean. My interests include: mesoscale and large scale ocean variability, exchange at the continental shelf break, influence of ice mélange on glacier fjord circulation and on glacier calving, and dynamics of marine terminating glaciers. I analyze observations collected during annual field campaigns to Greenland organized by my advisor David Holland. Further, I use idealized regional models, or global ocean model outputs to understand these data. I have also developed a prototype of a continuum ice mélange model with the goal of incorporating it into existing ocean and glacier models.

Past and current projects

  1. Helheim Glacier dynamics
  2. Sermilik Fjord hydrographic variability
  3. Ice mélange modeling
  4. Dynamics of marine terminating glaciers
  5. Calving generated ocean waves

Field work

Since 2014 I have been regularly participating in field campaigns in Greenland. I conducted oceanographic surveys in Sermilik fjord and Disko Bay. I also took part in monitoring the dynamics of Helheim Glacier using ApRES, TRI, GPS and seismometers.