Eisenstein series and applications

List of contributions

B. Brubacker, D. Bump, S. Friedberg, Weyl group multiple Dirichlet series - the stable twisted case, 22 pp., pdf
J. Franke, A topological model for some summand of the Eisenstein cohomology of congruence subgroups, 63 pp., pdf
W. T. Gan, The Saito-Kurokawa space for PGSp4 and its transfer to inner forms, 32 pp., pdf
P. Garrett, Archimedean Zeta integrals for unitary groups, 18 pp., pdf
M. Harris, A simple proof of rationality of Siegel-Weil Eisenstein series, 31 pp., pdf
D. Jiang, Residues of Eisenstein series and related problems, 25 pp., pdf
S. Kudla, Some extensions of the Siegel-Weil formula, 34 pp., pdf
E. Lapid, A remark on Eisenstein series, 10 pp., pdf
K. Prasanna, Arithmetic aspects of the theta correspondence, 19 pp., pdf
A. Raghuram, F. Shahidi, Functoriality and special values of L-functions, 21 pp., pdf
R. Takloo-Bighash, Bounds for matrix coefficients and arithmetic applications, 19pp., pdf